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Charity Moyo Islington Bra Lady

I’m Penny Taylor, bra fitter and Derbyshire Bra Lady

As a mother of two grown up daughters, finding the right bra for them was always a challenge, from the fitting they had on the high street not being as sensitive or positive as we expected, with the emphasis to encourage them to check their sizes as they grow, left us with a negative experience.

Years later, both girls became mothers and I made it my mission to help them find the right fitting bra in that very important time, looking for comfortable, attractive, supportive maternity bra’s.

I have had friends you have struggled with various issues in buying bra’s, from finding suitable bra’s when the lady has had a breast augmentation, to having ladies who have never found a comfortable but attractive larger cup bra’s, and I’ve found myself searching for these suitable bra’s for them!

Since doing my bra fitting training I now know why we’ve all had so many problems over the years. I don’t want the women of Derbyshire to suffer any longer so I’m ready to help you find the right bra in the comfort of your own home, or at the special events I arrange.

Please contact me to arrange a bra fitting: